1. History of the Balfours


    This is not complete, it is more of a compendium of info I have collected concering the Balfours, it isnt checked and some of it I know is wrong

    The following trees are better printed out on A3 paper


    Strathor and Mountwhanney, this is the oldest and as such most liable to correction, some confusion about Adam Balfour, more inportantly, the estate was sold but the part called Grange was kept and the line continued, this tree still needs to be done, but we can see in tree4 that the balfourrs of grange married into the Balfours of Forret, the line may contiue with brothers and ferry port on craig, may be a sourse og descedants. Work still needs to be done on this


    I'm not conviced that Alexander balfour of Mackerston is the same as the Alexander of Inchrye, the tree of Inchrye still needs to be done and I have some info concerning them, this house has a cadet branch of Pilrig, which is out with the scope of this research, but if someone sends me a tree, I will upload it to this site. Also, the point at with the Balfours of Kinloch ties in here needs clarified


    The sire micheal Balfour, noted as the 7th, only ever styled himself as a Merchant of Kircaldy, which is probably where the confusion comes from, he was married to Anne Davidson of Woodmilne, and had one daughter Amelia. Sir John, the 8th Baronet died without issue in the West Indies and his brother Sir Patrick died in Bengal in 1793. there is a report from 1846 where another sir Patrick Balfour of Denmilne died in England so the line may have continued here. There is some confusion over where dr David Balfour, doctor in Kirkaldy, comes into this tree he had a son called Archibald, writer in Falkland, who married Barbara Arnot, and had two sons, david and charles in 1742, I know nothing more of them


    Sir Andrew Balfour had many sons, at least 3 called andrew, which might indicate child mortality, but he was survived by James, Andrew and Micheal Balfour of North bank, who married Barbara Arnott of Woodmilne and had a sone called John, christened in Dunbog in 1702. The main line of the balfours of Grange, remenant of Mountwhanney goes extinct in the main line in this tree.


    Fernie and Dunbog


    Orkney Balfours


    Doven, Lawlathen, Balbirnie


    Not uploaded yet, but should contain Balfours of Bankton, and Darsie


    Not uploaded yet, should show an overiew of the relationship of all of the trees

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